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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The first weekend of Jazz Fest is finally here! What pairs great with live music? Delicious Food! Twist reporter Deepak Saini spent all day checking out the food at the fairgrounds.

When the music gets you moving and the calories are burning, it’s time to jazz up your appetite.

Po-boys, gumbo, Yakamein… crab cakes.

But some say it’s not “officially” Jazz Fest until you eat the Crawfish Monica.

What is it about this delicious dish that that has Jazz Fest goers under her spell?

“The sauce they make is really unique. It’s spicy. The crawfish is amazing,” said one festival goer.

Another festival favorite?

It’s the, “Cochon De Lait PoBoy by Love at First Bite. It’s delicious. Best thing. I get it everyday.”

But another attendee says it’s the, “roast pork with hot sauce and coleslaw on New Orleans French bread.”

And for those with more of an adventurous appetite, like this guy.  You might want to try the chicken liver.

“Best there ever was. And Mint jelly, you have to get some.”

It’s hard being vegetarian in the south, but at this year’s Jazz Fest, the options are plentiful. Ms. Linda is definitely proud of her veggie Yakamein

“Everybody loves it. They love my flavors and that’s what it’s all about,” she told us.

Even tofu never tasted so good!