That’s Amoré Pizzeria receives major support from the community!


NEW ORLEANS – A local pizza chain is conquering this pandemic thanks to the support of the community! 

“Obviously, we’ve had to modify the way we do business. Usually, these chairs would be down and they’d be full of people” Owner of the Metairie That’s Amoré Pizzeria, Darren Kennedy told WGNO. 
Now, at That’s Amore Pizzeria, they’re only doing carry out and delivery. 

One of the owners, Debbie Kennedy, takes all of the orders over the phone. The customer is asked to call again when they’ve arrived outside. 

“We bring the orders out to their car, that way customers don’t even have to get out of their cars and we know and they know that we’re taking every precaution we can for safety” Kennedy told us. “From day one, our customers came out to support us. They know the importance of customers to small business.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, That’s Amoré Pizzeria has seen an overflow of support from the community… They’ve been using technology to get the word out, that they’re still open!

“We mostly do Facebook posts on social media and those have been shared and we’re seeing not only regular customers who are coming in, but new customers who are coming in who have seen seen those posts!”

Which have led to comments like “best pizza in town” and “we LOVED it.”
“They [customers] have come through in an unbelievable fashion!” Darren said.

Since the restaurant doesn’t have dine-in for the time being, the front staff had to be laid off.
“But, because of the support of our customers, we’ve been able to keep my kitchen staff employed.”
When the coronavirus crisis is all over… 

“We look forward to filling the dining room again and having my entire staff come back to work.”

That’s Amore Pizzeria is open Tuesday through Sunday between 11 AM and 8 PM.
If you know of a small business conquering the pandemic, please email Rachael O’Neil at 


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