Thanksgiving house fire in Baton Rouge claims the life of one child, puts two others in critical condition


BATON ROUGE, La. (LOCAL 33)(FOX 44) – A house engulfed in flames claimed the life of one child and sent two others to the hospital in critical condition on Thanksgiving night.

From a car window, Adrain jones could see fire pouring through each window of the house he was driving past. Smoke had already started to cover his view, but he knew someone might need his help, so he got out. 

“It’s a black thing I had. We were busting out the windows with it,” Jones says. 

Jones and another neighbor broke several windows trying to find any survivors. He didn’t know if anyone was actually in the house. He could hear chaos but some of that was from people standing outside their homes. After a few minutes of searching through the blaze another car pulled up.

“A lady pulled up and said my kids, my kids,” Jones says. “She ran into the house.” 

The woman came out with two kids. According to the Baton Rouge Fire Department, both of the children were unresponsive when their mother laid them out on the grass. Jones says she tried to give the baby CPR before running back inside to get another child.

“The little girl was limp, like a vegetable it’s like she was gone already.” 

 Across the street, the Singleton family was watching the disaster unfold. They saw the first responders take the last child out of the burning building. Petrina Singleton said it hurts to see children she’d watched play outside be taken away on stretchers.

“It’s very heartbreaking because I see them in the yard all the time,” Singleton says. 

The Baton Rouge Fire Department says the last child was pronounced dead at the hospital. The other two, are in critical condition. Another neighbor, Ced James says he hopes the family can find peace.

“You need to respect life and what it stands for. You never know when it’s gone,” James says. 


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