Terrance Osborne’s ‘Solidarity’ ad first rejected by Facebook


NEW ORLEANS— New Orleans artist Terrance Osborne is once again inspiring us with a new work with a message.

His new piece is entitled ‘Solidarity’ and it’s a tribute to diversity and the world-wide movement for equality, but Osborne says he was taken aback because initially he couldn’t purchase social media ads to publicize the work (as he always does).

Terrance Osborne’s ‘Solidarity’ ad rejected by Facebook

Osborne says, “I took out an ad and Facebook rejected the ad and since Instagram is owned by Facebook, they rejected the ad too. I was puzzled, and I said why would they reject the ad? I looked into it and it said that anything containing political or social issues could be rejected.”

It turns out that the social media giant wasn’t turning away Osborne’s work, but the ad contained hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter, and that was the cause of the denials. After re-framing the ad, the post was accepted. Osborne said he was surprised that #BlackLivesMatter is now being seen as political or a social issue worthy of rejecting the ad.

Terrance Osborne’s ‘Solidarity’

You can pick up ‘Solidarity’ at www.terranceosborne.com


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