Teens rescue woman on highway after van overturns during rush hour


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Teens in Asheville rushed to the rescue Tuesday after a van overturned on Interstate 240, trapping a woman inside.

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Asheville, NC (WLOS) — Teens in Asheville rushed to the rescue Tuesday after a van overturned on Interstate 240 during rush hour.

A woman was trapped inside.

“Everyone all ran in, and we all flipped the car over and got the lady out of the car all safe,” skater Sam Crown said.

Crown never expected to hear or see an overturned van while hanging out with his friends at the skate park.

“I heard the bang and was like someone needs help, so I just ran and jumped over the bridge,” Crown said.

The crash happened on I-240, right near exit 4C downtown.

It shut down one lane during one of the busiest parts of the day.

Crown did not think twice before running to help rescue the woman inside.

“She was on her side and, like, I thought she was knocked out,” Crown said. “But, when we flipped her back, she had like cuts on her arm, but she seemed relatively alright.”

“I was really happy when I saw the old lady, that she was at least a little bit alright, because I thought she was dead or something,” said Isik Varner, who called 911.

It’s a call he hopes he never has to make again.

Meanwhile, all the skaters said they’re just happy they didn’t hesitate when they first heard that loud bang.

“Definitely right place, right time, because we if we hadn’t been there, I don’t think they would have been able to flip over the car, because they only had like two people down there. So, like, that lady kind of lucked out a lot, because if we hadn’t got there, it probably would’ve been a bigger situation and she probably would have gotten more hurt,” Varner said.

Authorities have not said what caused the crash.

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