Teachers get COVID-19 vaccines at Children’s Hospital


NEW ORLEANS– Teachers are feeling outstanding now that they’ve received their COVID-19 vaccines at LCMC Children’s Hospital New Orleans.

Therese Fitzpatrick , a 1st Grade Teacher at Lusher is one of about 750 teachers from NOLA Public Schools who got the vaccine.

“As a teacher it has been an interesting year and this is definitely a good feeling of moving in the right direction,” she said.

Another teacher, Nicholas Simoneaux, who teachs at Riverdale High School in Jefferson Parish is excited he got his shot.

“I jumped at the chance. To know that I’m in the classroom with students to know that I’m no protected is a good feeling,” he said.

Children’s Hospital staff says the number of vaccines they have available for teachers varies.

“Right now we have 2,000 vaccines based on the demand and the teachers that would like to be vaccinated. We hope the allotment will increase week after week,” Dr. Amanda Jackson with LCMC Children’s Hospital said.

Dr. Jackson went on to say, “This is huge. I’m a pediatrician and I’ve given lots of shots in my career, so it is exciting to see the community embrace vaccinations.”

These teachers feel that through vaccinations they are teaching their students a valuable lesson.

“I’m going to tell them that we are working together to be responsible and they should feel good that their teachers and other people in their lives will also be vaccinated,” Fitzpatrick said.


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