‘Leave what you can, take what you need’: NOLA Community Fridges giving away free food

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NEW ORLEANS– A community effort is underway to bring food to people who need it most right now. NOLA Community Fridges started this initiative of placing fridges with “free food” in various neighborhoods around New Orleans.

Leave what you can, take what you need, is what’s going on with these community fridges that are popping up around New Orleans.

“I just came across NOLA Community Fridges on Instagram and I wanted to host a fridge at my house, so I filled out a form, and then by that afternoon, they came and set up the fridge,” Jordan Coughlin, Host of fridge at 1915 Third Street.

She said, “When people first see it, they are kind of surprised, but after they realize what it is, they are smiling and saying how cool it is.”

It truly is a community effort to give out free food. This community fridge is giving the whole neighborhood something to be proud of. Neighbor Curry Solomon loves having it around.

“It makes me feel awesome. Like we got power around here and support, and it is like your neighbors are here to help,” he said.

It is not only about taking food, others stop by to donate too.

“People come up with groceries in nice vehicles, they are really looking out for our neighborhood,” Solomon said.

Neighbors looking out for neighbors is what it’s all about.

“You know if we stick together, the community will get better,” he said.

A simple fridge, simply showing love.

For more information on how to donate or NOLA Community Fridges locations, check them out on Instagram @nolacommunityfridges

They are currently in need of water, produce, prepared foods, drinks, snacks, but no raw meat.

Current Locations:

-1522 N. Villere

-1915 Third Street

-2425 N. Miro

-3636 Washington

-3908 Joliet Street at Trinity Community Center

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