T-Bob Hebert Talks Tigers

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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- The tiger talks continue. Only a few days left until the big game of Tigers verse Tigers.

With so much on the line, it was time to take a trip to the place where the Tigers call home to find out what it will take for LSU to win Monday night. When we went down there, we found a Tiger, who like his dad, he knows the game backwards and forwards.

T-Bob Hebert, former LSU Tiger. Position, center. Number, 53. Height, 6’3″. Weight 304. LSU Tiger, for life.

“Let’s be clear, the stakes are massive for this game. I mean it is a National Championship but, beyond that you are talking about potentially deciding the future direction of the program,” explained T-Bob Hebert.

With time on the clock running down, T-Bob Hebert tell us that routine is the key for the coaches and the players.

While the Dome is not exactly home field, LSU does have an advantage.

“Their not leaving til Friday this week. So, this is very similar to a normal routine. and what a routine does is, I think a routine roots you in familiarity,” shared Hebert.

Taking a walk down memory lane, Hebert says the hype surrounding the game is a feeling he will never forget.

“There is 100,000 people in there. Every body is screaming. Every body is going crazy. You know before the game that you are about to enter a four hour fist fight in which everything you are working toward is on the line. And, that is the great thing about college football is that one loss can ruin everything,” describe Hebert.

Seeing his fair share of loos, Hebert’s career with the Tigers had ups and downs. Making it to the College National Championship twice but, only walking away with one win.

“I look back at my time with LSU with nothing but, fondness. Even with that bad. You know when you put it on the scales, the good so far out weighs the bad,” said Hebert. “130 College football teams started this journey and now there is one… well there is two but, soon there will be one. And that battle is going to happen Monday night.”

You might recognize that name, that;s because T-Bob Hebert is the son of former Saints quarterback, Bobby Hebert, aka the Cajun Cannon.



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