Sweet Party Downtown For Sugar Bowl Crowd

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It’s a cold night in New Orleans, but Mother Nature is not slowing down Alabama and Oklahoma fans.

A sea of red has invaded the city. Tonight they take over the Superdome. Thousands have made the trip hoping their team becomes Sugar Bowl champs.

“Roll Tide that’s what we are going to give you tonight baby. All the way. Sooners are going down.”

“I don’t know why they say that. I think they are both quality teams and I think today, on any given day, this is the day that the ride is on the low side.”

“It’s a privilege to play a team like Alabama, but it’s time for the Sooners to win tonight.”

“Maybe we should have worn our crimson and they wear white or something because it is confusing, but it’s not going to be confusing on the field.”

Both teams decked out in red, anticipating a win and enjoying the Crescent City.

It’s the start of a long night for many.


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