Supply slow-down at local grocery stores due to freezing weather


METAIRIE, La.– Grocery stores in our area are seeing a slow down of supplies because of the cold weather. Many delivery trucks can’t drive in to deliver the groceries because roads are shut down or because of icy road conditions.

Dorignac’s is bustling today trying to get groceries back on the shelves because deliveries are delayed due to recent freezing weather.

“We did have some problems with one of the suppliers getting from Texas. Our local supplier from Baton Rouge showed up with icicles on his truck and couldn’t get through the other days,” Nicole Dorignac said.

Nicole Dorignac, the owner of Dorignac’s Food Center says they had about 12 delivery trucks that couldn’t make it because of the weather.

“We did o.k. but it did make everything scarce as far as the shelves. I think we ran a little low on seafood for the first couple of days. Other than that the essentials and necessities are all here,” she said.

Over at Zuppardo’s Family Market they also felt the effects of a supply slow-down.

“From the West. From California and Texas that is where there will be a big interruption. It really has been the produce and meat. The meat that comes from Colorado. That’s been a problem,” Joey Zuppardo, Owner of Zuppardo’s said.

Zuppardo says he’s been working all day to make sure groceries arrive.

“We’ve seen to remedy that by contacting other suppliers and making sure the supply chain isn’t interrupted,” he said.

Staying stocked is their priority.

“This is abnormal, this just doesn’t happen like this,” he said.


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