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AVONDALE, LA (WGNO) — Doug Thornton is the top guy at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and Smoothie King Center.  He’s also a big race car fan.  So when his wife asked him to go to the Nola Motorsports track in Avondale on Friday, it was an easy sell.

We don’t know what excuse Doug’s wife used to lure him to the track, but it wasn’t true.  Instead, Doug’s parents and other family and friends were waiting for him, and they were surrounding a perfectly restored 1983 Corvette.

We should also mention that Doug was celebrating his birthday, and crowd was waiting to reveal his four-wheeled gift.

But there’s more to the car than a big motor and glossy paint.  It once belonged to Doug’s brother who died in 1993.  Both Doug and his brother were big racing fans, so their parents couldn’t bear to get rid of the car.

Click on the video button above to see the presentation.  Also, there was a lot more to the surprise than the car.  Check out the story for details!