StudioBE to present Home is Where the Art is amid COVID-19 pandemic


NEW ORLEANS –  A local gallery created something special for the community to enjoy during this pandemic! 

“We can’t do tours here anymore” Creator of StudioBE, bmike told WGNO. “We can’t invite people into the space so how can we bring the energy into the space to the people?”

By creating Home is Where the Art is, a 32 page coloring book and activity guide produced to engage artists of all ages.

“We’re just trying to foster that creative spirit in this moment and art teaches us that we can look at what’s happening and reevaluate it in a creative way.”

The books are offered free on their website and they’re getting sent out nationwide.”Hopefully at it’s best, you know, this brings that sense of peace and comfort to the homes in the city and as far as we can send it.”

Right now, StudioBE is set to give 1,000 coloring books– 500 of them will include a kit! 
“Colored pencils, crayons, play-doh, water colors. Just all the things that you would want to explore as a creative” bmike said.

80 percent of the illustrations in the coloring book were created by bmike. He transformed these life-size paintings into coloring sheets.

“So, if anyone is familiar with the studio, they’re gonna look through the book and be like “‘oh, I remember this painting– I remember this image.”‘ “Some of the murals as well.”

There’s also room in the book to make your own mural! Whatever it takes to keep creative minds going. “Artists have a responsibility and we’re just trying to be good stewards of this moment and be responsible as a creative.”

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