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ST. ROSE, La. (WGNO) – In St. Rose, there’s a nasty odor that has been filling the air for days! Now, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade is demanding emergency response.

Anne Rolfes is the Founding Director of Louisiana Bucket Brigade and she wants to get help for the people living in the area who are getting sick by the strong sulfur smell in the air.

“They are being abandoned by the state.  Our Department of Environmental Quality isn’t doing their job.  It’s endangering people and they should be evacuated.

People living on 4th Street in St. Rose said that they are feeling nauseated, have headaches, have been throwing up, and have diarrhea all caused by sniffing the chemicals in the air.

“It can’t be anything that’s good for your body.  It must be harmful.”

Rolfes said the source of the smell is still unknown, but they believe it could be coming from the International Matex Tank terminals or Shell asphalt in the area.

The DEQ said the odor doesn’t pose serious health risks, but folks in the neighborhood disagree.

“Somebody needs to do something.  It’s been going on and on and on,”  Randy Dorsey said.

“We wear a mask or try not to go outside,” Anorna Johnson said.

“It’s Father’s Day and I can promise you that these folks can’t be outside celebrating with BBQ’s because of the stench.  I think that’s a violation on the most fundamental level,”  Rolfes said.

Residents may call St. Charles Parish Emergency Operations Center for more information or to make odor reports at 985-783-5050.

The St. Charles Parish Emergency Operations Center is continuing to work wit the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality regarding the odor reports.