METAIRIE, La. – Running back Alvin Kamara and Safety Marcus Maye are back at practice today
Both missed last week’s game

New Orleans ran the ball nine times in the 4th quarter on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

That number is nowhere close to the first three games when the Saints had two rushes for seven yards combined. Those numbers have to do with field possession and time. However running back Alvin Kamara is more than ready to hit the field after missing two games this season.

“I’m sitting here like. Come on. I’m trying to be out there in, you know, do whatever I can to help us get back in the right call. A little bit of that eagerness was, you know, playing the Carolina game and kind of coming back before I was all the way ready,” said Saints running back Alvin Kamara.

“I’m ready now. I’m ready to get out there and do what I can to help. Like I say, get us in the right club. He saw finally we were able to get some successful runs. And once you get that momentum, it brings our energy level up and our excitement up.”

“I think we’re able to execute a little bit better. But yeah, you kind of sit there and question, we’ve got to get that started sooner. We’ve got to get that in the first quarter. Second quarter. We don’t need to wait till the beginning of the fourth quarter to get a drive like that going,” said Saints offensive lineman James Hurst.

The message from the Saints this week is to start faster sooner.