Stars and director of the new crime-thriller ‘The Power of Few’

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The New Orleans-shot crime-thriller film, The Power of Few opens in select theaters this Friday.  News With a Twist’s Kenny Lopez sat down with it’s stars and director.

“Our movie takes place in 20 minutes on one afternoon.  You see 5 stories happening simultaneously,” Director Leone Marucci said.

The Power of Few makes you think  It makes you think about how moments in life can affect things in ways we’ll never know.

“To find these characters and put them in their place, having their paths cross. It’s a quite choreographed film,” Marucci said.

The movie was shot in New Orleans and stars Anthony Anderson, Christian Slater, Christopher Walken, Juvenile and newcomer, 12-year old, Tione Johnson as “Few”—the title character.

“I feel like a star.  I have felt like a star since I was born,” Johnson said.

Rapper, Juvenile lends his star power to the big screen from the rap world.

“It’s a transition from rapping to acting.  With movies you have to memorize and be in character,”  Juvenile said.

With the film industry booming in NOLA he knows this is just the beginning.

“Put me in a Denzel Washington movie.  You want to get Juve in a movie, reach out and touch me.  I’m here,”  he said.

Director, Leone Marucci said one thing that makes the movie-making process unique is they involved the audience early on.  They let them make decisions about the movie, online.

“Let them make decisions on where a tattoo should be placed on characters and what their names should be,” Marucci said.

He hopes his movie has the power to make a few truly think.

“I want people to go to the movie and have fun piecing the puzzle together.  The reaction I’m getting is that it’s a hopeful film.  If people walk away with hope then I would be thrilled,” he said.

The Power of Few is now showing at the Theatres at Canal Place.  It’s rated R for violence and mild drug use.


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