St. Tammany Parish Animal Services working on improving operations

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MANDEVILLE, La.– St. Tammany Parish Animal Services is working on improving operations.

St. Tammany Parish President Mike Cooper recognizes that there were issues in the past and before Covid-19 hit he was working on resolving those issues. Now it is a new day, and he’s looking to hire a new director for St. Tammany Parish Animal Services.

Currently there are about 360 animals at the shelter and they are being taken care of. Cooper said that many times the animals come to the shelter malnourished in unhealthy and St. Tammany Parish Animal Services nurses the animals back to good health.

Cooper said only in rare situations when the animals are too sick are hostile will they be euthanized, but it is not something they do just to do so.

Cooper is working with vets and animal welfare groups to help with improving operations. “Best Friends” is the animal welfare group that has signed on to help.


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