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From the outside looking in one may think this is the least likely place to find an altar dedicated to St. Joseph, but year after year regulars and neighbors know they can find one inside the Marigny’s Lost Love Lounge.

Nick Scramuzza, owner of the Lost Love Lounge says, “When I was a child I grew up right outside the French Quarter, and on my block there were three or four altars every year. This whole area was still Sicilian Italian, and as time went on and people moved and the older folks died away the altars kind of disappeared into churches and special halls.”

St. Joseph’s Day is Scamuzza’s favorite day of the year at the bar. He expects hundreds of people to come and visit his altar and says he’s even got friends and family arriving from out of town.

“St. Joseph himself is the patron saint of Sicily. In the middle ages there was a terrible drought in Sicily, so the Sicilians prayed to St. Joseph and on St. Joseph’s Day it started raining.”