Some rain in forecast for upcoming weekend, not a wash out!


All eyes on Eta, forecast to enter the Gulf of Mexico

Our forecast for New Orleans has been pleasant all day today. Dry air stays around tonight, but rain chances increase Saturday! Showers will be most prevalent off of and near the coast. Anticipate 40% chances or so tomorrow afternoon on radar. Much of this is going to be daytime heating driven!

Northshore residents likely wake up with 60s outside their windows Thursday morning while Southshore residents can anticipate 60s, as well! It’ll be one of the warmest mornings we have seen this week!

Afternoon highs will remain in the mid 70s, ten or so degrees warmer than our forecast for earlier this week! That will mean we are a little higher than average during early November.

Remember, Hurricane Season 2020 does not end until November 30th. We are closely watching now Tropical Depression Eta, which is forecast to track back into the open water and across Cuba before making a run at our United States’ eastern Gulf Coast coastline.

Models agree this is likely to remain a tropical storm as it approaches the United States. Good news is that Gulf of Mexico water is cooler than the Caribbean Sea, which should limit the opportunity for rapid intensification. Certainly, this storm was exceptionally impressive Monday, strengthening dramatically before making a Central America landfall.

Eta became only the 5th Category 4 hurricane in November on record. Additionally, Eta now holds the record for having been November’s fastest intensifying storm on record, as its pressure dropped 55 millibars in 18 hours. Eta’s wind speeds went from 70 miles per hour at 1AM Monday to 150 miles per hour by 7PM Monday.

Right now, this is no immanent concern here locally, but it will be worth keeping an eye on based off of its projected track!

Enjoy indulging in relatively quiet conditions until then! Perfect forecast for getting outside and enjoy a relaxing walk or fresh air to decompress from incoming election results! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

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