Some Kenner neighborhoods dealing with 11 days without power


KENNER (WGNO)— Some Kenner neighborhoods dealing with 11 days without power, but power crews are working tirelessly to get the power back on for the folks living there.

These dedicated power crews aren’t wasting any time working to turn on the electricity, but the folks living on Mayfield and Utah Streets in Kenner say they know exactly when they wan their power back.

“Today,” Felicia Tumalin said.

Early estimated said these neighborhoods would get their power back by now, but the power lines are still a mangled mess.

“I arrived back to devastation. It is really bad,” Tumalin who lives on Mayfield Street said.

She just returned home from evacuating and she’s dealing with the lack of power and trash piling up.

“It is hot and my grandkids are sweating and we are just trying to wait it out,” she said.

Down the street, James Davis is checking in on his mother-in-law’s house, she won’t be back until the power is back.

“We lost some roofing, some leakage. So we are keeping an eye on the inside, making sure mold doesn’t build up where the moisture is,” Davis said.

Crews told residents they should have their power back on later today, but these folks aren’t so sure.

“On the back end over there you’ll see poles snapped into the canal, so that’s going to take a minute,” he said.

There are new poles on-site ready to be put up.

“They are stronger, next storm we will be ready for it,” Tumalin said.

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