NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — As break rooms grow in popularity across the country, there is now one open on the Westbank!

Smashing your troubles to pieces – has many health benefits.

“Many positives. A lot of times clients can get that immediate response! Remove trauma feelings that are stored in the body that they may not realize is affecting them! When you have immediacy of breaking something or even hitting a pillow, it releases adrenaline. A break room is a safe environment,” said Licensed Professional Counselor, Dr. Niquelle Lackings. 

 Physically releasing emotions like anxiety, stress and anger makes room for ‘happy’ feelings created by adrenaline!

Casme Barnes-Carter is the owner of The Break Room Nola. Carter says many people that walk through the front door are battling serious depression.

“I have seen people that have come through here with serious depression and they leave feeling better. We pray with people. I have prayed with people. I have cried with people. It has been an emotional time, but it has been very fulfilling,” shared Carter.

Men, women and children are welcome to visit for a session. The Break Room Nola also hosts special events and parties!

Visit to book a session! Long pants and closed toe shoes are required. Safety gear will be provided on site.