“Slice, Slice baby.” New Orleans Chef combines two decadent flavors of pie.

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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- So many pies to choose from but, so little time to eat them all at the Thanksgiving dinner table. How do you choose? What is your favorite?

News with a Twist's Peyton LoCicero went on a quest to get the scoop from the Bourbon House about pie.

"My favorite holiday pie is sweet potato pie. Why you ask? It's sweet, it has potatoes and she usually make them and they are awesome."

"My favorite pie is definitely sweet potatoes pie or pumpkin pie because we are in the south and that is how we do it."

"My aunt makes the best sweet potato pie she has her secret recipe and it tastes so good."

"Cherry pie or pumpkin pie maybe? Wait, no. I hate pumpkin pie, I forgot."

From pumpkin pie to pecan pie or apple pie to banana cream pie. There are so many to choose from. Regardless of the type, most holiday dinners will end with one or more pies at the end of the table but, where did they begin?

"It started as a way for farmers to take their food out into the field with them to work. And, it started with meats," shared Chef Brian Stiensek, Bourbon House Sous-Chef.

As time went on, the idea ripened, just like fruit and that is exactly what bakers decided to add.

"It started as a savory dish and then over time it evolved and people started realizing that we don't have to just fill them with meat. We have fresh strawberries, we have fresh oranges. whatever is local to you know fresh sweet potatoes."

Since most people's favorite is sweet potato and pumpkin pie, an idea sparked in the minds of the chefs at the Bourbon House, to combine the two.

"It's one of those things that you grow up having and that you have and it is a reminder of all of our humble beginnings."


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