Site ranks New Orleans as one of the worst cities for package thefts


NEW ORLEANS – As Cyber Monday comes to a close, thousands of people will now be waiting for deliveries.

Unfortunately, package thefts sore this time of year and now, New Orleans is at the top of a new criminal list.

According to SafeWise, New Orleans is ranked second on the company’s 10 worst metro cities for package theft in 2020 list. The site analyzed FBI data then compared it to Google trends with the highest search for “missing package” and “stolen package.”

Researchers say nearly 50% of Americans have experienced package theft in the last year and the numbers are increasing amid the pandemic.

Here’s some helpful tips from the NOPD to make sure your packages get into the right hands:

  • Provide instructions for where to leave your packages. Do you like your packages left behind the big planter or tucked behind the grill beside the back door?
  • If your employer allows, have your gifts sent to your work
  • Send your deliveries to a trustworthy neighbor who is home during the day
  • Request a signature to make sure your items are not left unattended
  • Know your tracking number to keep tabs on your delivery.

Police suggest getting a doorbell camera to help deter thieves, but if you do find yourself victim, call police.


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