Silo crushes cultural center as demolition goes wrong

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Demolition experts successfully destroyed a 173-foot silo in the town of Vordingborg, Denmark, on Friday.

Unfortunately, they also wrecked the adjacent cultural center after the demolition went spectacularly wrong, the Guardian reports.

In video of the botched demolition, onlookers can be heard shouting in alarm as the silo topples the wrong way after explosives are detonated, causing serious damage to a library and music school.

Authorities say nobody was injured and there was no severe structural damage, but all the offices on the east side of the building were destroyed and repair costs will be significant, the Metro reports.

View from the other side of the silo

Authorities say they’re investigating how the demolition went so badly wrong. (In a problem-free demolition, the tallest building in Kentucky’s capital came down last month.)

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