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Family members of the victim in an illegal silicone injection case are pushing for stiffer charges against the suspect; but they may have an uphill battle.

Brad Hall was laid to rest this past weekend.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke to the family about a now complicated case.

“Everything is wrong,” the victim’s sister said.

Lashey Hall says someone; somewhere dropped the ball on her brother’s death investigation.

The 25-year old transgendered female was rushed to University Hospital in October after suffering complications stemming from illegal silicone injections.

It’s a cheap cosmetic procedure used by some female impersonators to create feminine features.

While slipping in and out of a coma, she identified Armani Nicole Davenport as her black market doctor of choice.

“Whatever he injected him with the doctors kept asking me what it was and brad would say it was silicone, cause brad was talking then and the doctor would say no it’s something else,” the victim’s mother Lessie Hall said.

Instead of medical grade silicone, it’s believed “Bree” was pumped with industrial grade.

“And once it get in your blood it’s just a matter of days or time. You’re gonna die you can’t live with poison in your body,” Lessie Hall said.

Hall died New Year’s Day.

Back in November Davenport was arrested and charged with negligent injuring.

Now the family wants stiffer charges.

“He should be locked up forever,” Lessie Hall said.

But the case has become complicated; because the hospital and the Jefferson Parish Coroner have ruled the death “from natural causes.”

“It’s no way possible it could have been natural causes, it’s no way,” Leshey Hall said.

Lashey Hall says the hospital should have notified New Orleans Police before releasing her brother’s body to the funeral home.

“They knew the whole time since he entered the hospital,” she said. “They knew everything.”

New Orleans Police and the Orleans Parish Coroner’s office did not know about the death until hours before Hall’s funeral.

The current cause of death ruled by Jefferson Parish and the hospital now complicates prosecution.

Trotter asked, “You want it reclassified? “Yes I do of course,” Leshey replied.

The Orleans District Attorney and Coroner are both investigating.

The family wants the charges upgraded to negligent homicide.

A spokesman with New Orleans Police says the department is in the preliminary stages of a homicide investigation.

Detectives are waiting to hear more from the coroner’s office.