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Brad HallThe alleged victim of a black market cosmetic procedure has died.

Family members say 25-year old Brad Hall succumb to complications stemming from illegal silicone injections.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke exclusively with family members who are preparing for a funeral.

“December 31st, he went back into ICU,” victim’s mother Lessie Hall said.

He was born Brad Jermaine Hall, but later lived as a transgendered female affectionately named “Bree.”

She began the battle of her life late October, after the latest round of illegal silicone injections.

While in a coma, family members never lost hope and eventually got the miracle that would be short lived.

“His breathing was never going to be 100% anymore,” said Lessie Hall. “His kidneys was never going to work properly. He wasn’t even urinating anymore at all.”

Considering her failing health, death would seem inevitable.

“It was shutting down all his body parts slowly,” she said.

6:20 pm. January 1st Brad Jermaine Hall expired.

It as the ultimate price for silicone injections.

“I understand what he did and why he did it but he didn’t ask for this,” the victim’s sister Lashey Hall said. “He didn’t ask to die like this.”

Family members had said all along that female impersonator Armani Nicole Davenport was “Bree’s” black market doctor of choice.

In November, New Orleans police arrested Larry Tremell for practicing medicine without a license.

The legendary pageant queen has since been out on bond.

“I think it’s not fair, I don’t think its right,” said Lashey Hall.

“Yeah, he’s living his life like he hasn’t did nothing,” said Lessie Hall. “I don’t think he should have been let out in the first beginning.”

“Justice need to be served,” Lashey added.

As the police investigation continues with new focus, family members issue a warning for anyone considering silicone injections.

“Don’t get it done, it aint worth it,” said Lessie Hall. “Look what happened to brad. He lost his life behind it.”

A pending toxicology report from the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office will help investigators determine, if additional charges are in order for Armani Nicole Davenport.

Funeral services for Brad Hall begin at 11:30 am Saturday morning, at Little John’s Funeral Home, located at 2163 Aubry Street, New Orleans, LA  70119.