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NEW ORLEANS – Ahead of this weekend’s Oyster Fest, we’re Shuckin’ Around Town to try some of the best oysters in New Orleans.

We’ve been talking about oysters all week, but there’s one way to eat them that we haven’t mentioned, on a poboy. But not just any oyster poboy – the BBQ Oyster Poboy from Red Fish Grill.

The Executive Chef at Red Fish Grill, Austin Kirzner, says that their poboy is the best. Not only do they serve ’em up in the restaurant, right on Bourbon Street, they’ll be serving up BBQ Oyster Poboys at the Oyster Fest.

So what’s in it? Kirzner says, only the freshest ingredients. “We have a Crystal hot sauce butter that we toss our fried oysters in, and we top it with the housemaid blue cheese dressing, we put it right on French bread and dress it, it’s the best poboy.”

Red Fish Grill is known for their poboy, but it’s not the only thing they’re known for, “We also have raw oysters, we try to just play around – that’s what’s cool about Red Fish Grill. We like to have a little fun on Bourbon Street and so we’ll have specials with oysters.”

Kirzner’s favorite way to eat an oyster? Without the fluff. “I like them raw. Straight out of the shell, I think that’s the best way and the purest way to eat an oyster.”