She’s a tumbling tornado of talent


Caleigh Cassine is an 11-year-old star on the mat, on the beam, in the classroom

HARVEY, La. (WGNO) — As a gymnast, she really is a tumbling tornado.

She’s Caleigh Cassine.

She’s eleven.

She’s in sixth grade.

And WGNO’s Bill Wood says she’s racking up quite a resume as a gymnast.

Caleigh is an acrobat of an artist.

Practicing six days a week.

On the mat every day since she was six.

Sort of a surprise to know when Bill Wood asks her if she liked gymnastics her first time on the mat, she says, “no I didn’t like it, it was really boring and it wasn’t fun to do, scary at first.”

Her home base is All Star Gymnastics in Harvey, Louisiana.

Right is here is where Caleigh is an all star all right.

After she competed against kids across the country, she brought home the medals to show she’s now number one in Louisiana.

She’s number one in eight other southern states.

And she’s one of the best in all America.

Bill’s got another question for Caleigh.

He asks, “you look like you’re up there at the Olympics already, is your dream the Olympics?”

Caleigh says, “I would like to go the Olympics, but I would also rather go to college gymnastics like LSU or Florida Gators.”

In school, her favorite subject is science.

Her dream job is working for NASA.

Looks like she’s already blasting off.

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