Sharing the love, Louisiana style, with those on the Covid-19 front line in Pointe Coupee Parish


Baton Rouge, LA (NBC 33/Fox 44) – All across Louisiana, people have been finding ways to give back to those on the front lines of Covid-19, finding a way to say thank you to health care workers, police, and other first responders.

Today in New Roads, they were doing just that…in a way that’s uniquely Louisiana…saying thank you with crawfish, and lots of it!

The show of appreciation started early at the Boiling Branch by Four Oaks. That’s when they started boiling up 75 sacks of crawfish to be claimed throughout the day by those on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Several local businesses were a part of the effort to make sure Pointe Coupee health care workers, police and firefighters, and other first responders, feel the love of the community. Those who were part of the team included Soprano’s Supermarket, and Langlois Grocery, along with several local Louisiana Farm Bureau Agencies, including Paulette Strate, Emily Sarullo, Thomas Logan, and the man who came up with the idea Chad Jarreau.

“What a treat to give them some crawfish, whenever they’re even getting off work or before they go take their night shift on.” Jarreau said of the big giveaway. “We just really want to say thank you to all the people on the front line.”


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