GRETNA, La. (WGNO)- August 2, 2022, he was faced with devastating news. On the other end of the line, was a family member telling him that his beloved son had been shot and killed. Instead of letting himself become overwhelmed with grief and anger, he is preaching– “Stop the violence.”

“What happened to my son was tragic and there are not just random killings happening but, there’s a spirit of murder in our city,” worried Reverend Dr. Orin D. Grant, Senior. “It’s demonic, diabolical, and devilish. My son’s debt has inspired us to STOP THE VIOLENCE.”

After learning more about that tragic day and about looking deeper into the problems causing violence in the city, Reverend Grant says enough is enough.

Less than a month ago, Orin D. Grant, Junior, Reverend Grant’s namesake was just 20 years old when he was slain. His son was at home one afternoon in Harvey with his girlfriend when the suspect entered the home.
Grant, Junior was lured outside, where he was ambushed by several others and shot multiple times in the back.

As the senseless violence and killings around the city are escalating, Reverend is taking matters into his own hands. He’s calling on anyone and everyone to join him at Israel Baptist Church at 5:00 P.M. for a prayer vigil and peaceful rally. He’s praying that he can break the barriers and call these individuals, who have lost their way, to a straight and narrow path.

“It’s terrible, it’s horrifying. When you have to pump your gas and look over your shoulder. When people have to purchase firearms and go to the firing range just for protection and defense,” said Reverend Grant, Senior. “It’s wild, wild west. You know, there is a criminal element out there and it’s a lot of young people. So, we must save them and make our community save again.”

The Stop the Violence rally and prayer vigil is at Israel Baptist Church at 1612 Esther Street. This event is free and open to the public!
Several local officials from Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish, and Law Enforcement Officers will be there to help bring awareness and talk about solutions.