See the Humane Society of Louisiana’s ‘Rescued Dog of the Year’

WGNO — The Louisiana Humane Society goes to every corner of the state to help animals in need.  Now the HSL has named one animal’s case in Jonesville as the ‘Rescued Dog of the Year.’ According to HSL Director Jeff Dorson, on Sunday, November 14, a group animal rescue volunteers were following up on a report that a puppy had been seen near a dumping site in a rural part of Jonesville, in LaSalle Parish. After searching for more than three hours, the volunteers were unable to find the dog and were about to leave when the scrawny little puppy walked up to them. The dog had a terrible skin infection called demodex.  After a regiment of treatment that included the use of a hyperbaric chamber, the puppy began to improve. Rescuers named her Athena.  The HSL named the puppy the ‘Rescued Dog of the Year’ to also raise awareness of the homeless animal problem in Louisiana. ‘We get calls every day from somewhere in our state asking for help in rescuing, housing, or placing unwanted animals… Dorson says in a news release announcement.  “…and the request for services seems to be expanding as more people recognize the need and are active on social media, where a lot of information on homeless animals is shared and posted,” he says. Athena was located by a new animal rescue group called Catahoula Urban Tails and taken to the Catahoula Veterinary Hospital in Jonesville where the puppy is showing great improvement. Below is a photo gallery.  Just a little advanced warning, some of the pictures might be a little disturbing because poor Athena was in such bad shape before she was rescued.  You should also know that someone has already stepped forward to provide Athena with her forever home!


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