Second video of Unidentified Objects spotted south of Plaquemines Parish

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CREEPY! We first brought you this story back on Monday. Since then, Meteorologist Scot Pilie has received a second viewer-submitted video of unidentified objects spotted off the coastline of Louisiana on Thursday, November 21st south of Venice, Louisiana.

[wpvideo 4SNh280w]

After contacting the Police Department of Plaquemines Parish Police Department, no other incidents were reported nearby.

So…the question remains…what are these objects floating in the sky?!

A few theories according to WGNO’s Meteorologist Scot Pilie:

1). A prominent meteor shower was ongoing on the night of November 21st; however, the objects appear to be moving slower than a typical meteor in a meteor shower.

2.) The most likely outcome appears to be the potential of military “flares” being fired in some sort of test operation…google military flare to see references of similar occurrences.

At this point, it’s impossible to conclude what the airborne objects that were spotted actually are!

Spooky, right?! What’s your thoughts?



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