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Caldwell Parish, La. — Health Officials in Caldwell parish have now identified a second bacteria in a batch of Salmonella tainted chicken and sausage jambalaya that was sold at a fundraiser earlier this month.

Health officials say that the second bacteria, identified as Clostridium perfringens , also played a role in the severe illness that sent 150 people to area hospitals and may have contributed to one death.

Health officials are currently waiting an autopsy to see if the tainted food was a contributing factor in the death of a man who did go to the hospital with gastrointestinal issues.

In all state health officials say that as many as 300 people ate the tainted jambalaya and 149 have tested positive for Salmonella and the second bacteria.

Testing is underway to see which ingredient or ingredients were contaminated.

The results could be back in a couple of weeks.