Hope Remains Two Years After Shane Fell Went Missing

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This week marks the two-year point since Shane Fell went missing after crashing his car.

For those two years Brett Fell exhausted all avenues trying to figure out why his brother vanished, “We`ve looked in the same spots over and over again. We`ve gone out of town. We`ve gone out of state. We had TV series done on Shane, spoken to psychics, spoken to detectives.”

Brett still wonder how Shane could go missing after they spoke just moments before on the phone en route to help, “He told me he was ok. I asked him if there was anybody else involved in the accident. He said no. When I called, he just never picked up again and that was the last time I heard from him.”

“He was very involved in our lives,” says sister in-law Amber Fell. “For the acknowledgment of the two years we had a gathering on the levy. Lots of people continue to pray for us. And just hope and pray we find answers soon.”

The family still believes Shane is out there somewhere and somebody knows something, “All day I think about my brother, and we love and miss him. We’ll never give up hope,” says Brett.


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