School enrollment for 2021-2022 ends this week. What you need to know about enrolling.


NEW ORLEANS- (WGNO) It’s already that time of year again to enroll your kiddos in school. NOLA public schools are making it easier than ever to get new students enrolled. Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year can all be done on an app on your smartphone.

This Friday, January 29 is when the main round on OneApp will close. The great thing about the application being on an app is families can apply from anywhere at any time.
It allows parents to put “same school as an older sibling or close to home” as a preference.

In the past enrolling in school was a nightmare. Parents would have to fill out multiple applications for different schools and personally drive them to each place. Now, submitting an application online or on your smartphone only takes minutes. All you have to do is go to Google and type in ‘One App New Orleans’ and it will pop up.
This year, 96 percent of NOLA Public Schools are available on this app.

A few reasons your student would need to use this app to apply is:
-If the student is new to New Orleans or public schools.
-If they are transferring schools.
-If they are in a transitional grade.
-If they are enrolled in a program that requires an application to continue.

Now before submitting an application, NOLA-PS administrators are encouraging families to research the schools and the options and submit an application early.

“Earlier the better but, I will say if you did not apply in November (during early registration) and, you’re going to apply this week, please know that this is my first come first serve. As long as you apply by the deadline, you have the same chances as the person who applied on 12/01 on the first date. So, get your applications in families,” explained Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr., Ph. D., NOLA Public Schools.

In late March or early April is when families will find out about students placement.

Keep in mind, most families do not need to reapply to stay at their current school for next year.

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