BELLE CHASSE, La. (WGNO) — The water crisis in Plaquemines Parish persists due to a saltwater intrusion in the water supply that’s pumped out of the Mississippi River.

“I don’t want to wait until the last minute to get water,” says one Belle Chasse resident.

Officials with the Army Corps say the saltwater could reach Belle Chasse by mid-October. Many residents are preparing for what’s ahead.

One mother buying water says she’s very concerned. She is unsure what effects the regular drinking water could have on her children.

“I’ve been a little nervous, so I stocked up on water but mainly I’m worried about bathing them. You hear how kids are breaking out with rashes and my kids are very sensitive. Honestly, I’m stocking up more to bathe them. More for them I’m thinking about,” says one Belle Chasse resident.

With empty shelves that once held bottled water, Adam Horwitz has begun researching bathing options in case saltwater creeps into Belle Chasse.

“I’ve been researching reverse osmosis filter systems that you can connect onto your shower head, and unleash your sink to make sure you get clean water. Fresh water and taking baths instead of showers,” says Horwitz.

Even though the saltwater hasn’t gotten as far up as Belle Chase, Maryland Zito stocked up on two baskets of water to be on the safe side.

“Yeah, in case we are going to have a little saltwater in our water. I don’t even want to think about it. This is probably what I’ll be getting. This and that other basket. We normally buy a lot of water. I’m having a little extra,” says Zito.

Another Belle Chasse resident who has heard of this happening before prays the parish gets it under wraps.

“Major for it to come up to Belle Chasse. They need to address the situation and see how they can handle it and what they can do about it,” says one Belle Chasse resident.

Residents say if this does hit Belle Chasse, it needs to be dealt with quickly. They don’t want to have to always worry about how they’ll cook, bathe or clean.

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