Saints kicker Garrett Hartley visits Isidore Newman students

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Students at Isidore Newman had a football practice they won’t forget.  The Saints Gatorade Junior Training Camp  with Saints kicker Garrett Hartley on the field!

Twist reporter Jeff Womack takes us along for the fun.

It’s not every day you have a NFL pro come to run drills during school

Saints kicker Garrett Hartley also taught these kids lessons to be a pro off the field.

“It’s exercising, eating right,” Hartley said.

Garrett’s mother has been a special education for over 20 years. That’s why working with the younger fans is important to him.

“I definitely have a certain connection with coming out and working with kids,” Hartley said. “And it really hits home.”

I asked Garrett if he saw any future Saints on field today.

“You never know. This school has produced one or two pretty big names.”

Third graders Thomas, Pablo, Mitchell, and Ivy already picked their positions to play for the Saints.

“If we can just get our message out to even a couple of the kids, then our time out here is well spent!”  Hartley told me.



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