Saints fans spend their Sunday getting storm ready.


NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- The calm before the storm is here but, locals are not letting that fool them. Most residents spent their Saints Sunday doing hurricane prep while listening to the game.

Around the stadium on Sunday, it was silent, gated and empty. The Superdome was a ghost town due to Covid-19 and the emending story.

“Its a little different. We are used to lots of cheering and high-fiving. It’s not like what we are so used to,” said Portia Gause, New Orleans local.

While the area near the Superdome was quiet, Downtown New Orleans was a different story.

“We came here from Atlanta for my daughters birthday. We booked our flight about a month ago, way before a storm was coming,” Melanie Power, visitor from Atlanta told us. “We have already gone to Rouses. We’ve got food and we’ve got candles. We are okay.”

For evacuees from Lake Charles, they are a little nervous about the “what ifs.”

“What I’m really worried about is, if it’s going to be raining in Lake Charles,” one evacuee explained. “A lot of people’s houses are already messed up and the rain is going to make it worse. I hope my house doesn’t get worse than what it is.”

With torrential rain expected and the possibility for major storm surge, there is no time to spare.

“I’m out here at the yacht club picking my daughters sail boat up, getting it ready and I’m gonna put it at the house, strap it down and hope for the best,” shared Paul Cotaya, local. “You can clearly see everything’s been pulled out.”

Ready to let Sally ride, New Orleans visitors and locals are preparing for a hurricane.

“It’s life. It’s just part of life. You know, hurricanes are going to come and you be prepared for it the best you can.”

The L1 floodgate will now close at 10 a.m., Monday morning. If you live near the Orleans Marina there is a mandatory evacuation now in place. Make plans to leave before 10 a.m.


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