Saints fans react to organization’s decision to not require vaccinations for 2021 games


NEW ORLEANS — It’s been a year like no other for Saints fans, many of whom had to watch the games from home. The coronavirus pushed Who Dat nation out of the dome for a majority of the 2020 season. Now, fans are figuring out what’s next for the saints.

This fall, thousand of people will be allowed back in the Superdome. However, there’s still one question that’s looming on Saints fans’ minds: Will vaccinations be mandatory to get in?

We reached out to a Saints spokesman, who provided a statement about vaccinations that reads in part:

“The New Orleans Saints have no intention of requiring that our fans provide any confirmation of a covid vaccination to attend our games.”

So, we asked Saints fans how they feel about the covid protocol for next season.

“I do understand their decision, that they’re not making it mandatory. But down the line, it should be mandatory because just because we’re getting vaccinated, that don’t mean that we’re still protected,” said Saints fan Andrea Glapion.

While some say they would prefer making vaccinations mandatory to attend games, others disagree.

“I think that it’s everyone’s choice whether or not they want to have to get a vaccination or not, so no, I don’t agree with that,” said Saints fan Stephanie Eaton.

When it comes to vaccination rates in New Orleans, more than 40% of all residents and over 70% of our seniors are vaccinated.

While the Saints aren’t requiring vaccines to get into the dome, some fans say they’re going to games —no matter what.

“I’m going to come here because basically I love this town, I love this dome, I’ve been coming to the Saints game ever since I was little. Covid don’t scare me from nothing. Covid don’t stop me from anything,” said Saints fan Kentrell Glapion.

The Saints say they are strongly encouraging that fans get a vaccine before attending a game this season, though they’re not making vaccinations mandatory.

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