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NEW ORLEANS – A local high school brought some normalcy to their seniors this afternoon in Metairie! 

Graduation at St. Mary’s Dominican High School was supposed to happen on May 16th but because of the coronavirus, it’s been postponed. 

Fortunately, the faculty teamed up with Jostens, whose known for providing graduation supplies (worldwide), to set up a drive-thru for something special. 

“This is their graduation announcements” Scholastic Representative for Jostens, Todd Owens shared. “This is all the things that they’ll send out to all of their families and friends and tell them that they are graduating!”

Along with the actual announcements, each box came with thank you notes and customized name cards. Students pulled up to the drive-thru with a paper to show their last name and pulled off with their items. 

“By doing this, we’re kind of saying that “We’re with ya. We know that graduation is important.”‘

Seniors at St. Mary’s Dominican High School are grateful for Jostens efforts as this brought sort of a normalcy to the end of their school year.

“Being able to see them and get them in our house. Like, just opening the box just now– it’s exciting!” St. Mary’s Dominican High School senior, Ally Firman told WGNO this morning. 

“I’m so glad that we’re still able to get all of these things that are normal for everyone else that has graduated and that will graduate” another senior, Mariam Romero said.

Dominican has found other ways to cope with the new circumstance! 

“Billboards are across town about 2020 seniors. They do little surprises. We’ve had a virtual spirit week that, I think has helped a lot. They’re making the transition for us as easy as possible” Firman told us. 

Right now, that’s the top mission. Hopefully, the seniors will be able to walk soon. 

“We’re gonna fight to make sure that you have a graduation, we truly believe that and really, honestly, I think everybody in this area believes that.”

As of now, Saint Mary’s Dominican high School does not have a known date for physical graduation.