RTA introduces ferry rides to New Orleans after more than a two-year wait


NEW ORLEANS – After years of waiting, RTA has finally introduced the new ferry to New Orleans residents and visitors!

“I’m excited about it. I’m sure the folks that have businesses on the other side of the river are even more excited about it! It’s such a great view of both sides of the river. I can come out and see how the city looks,” New Orleans resident, Dudley Passman shared. 

Ferry rides are finally a go in New Orleans. Although the boats were delivered more than two years ago, this transportation was put on hold because of multiple difficulties. 

“The boat was built by a shipyard and they had some flaws that they had to fix,” Captain of RTA- 2, Gavin Fayard explained. “Mainly, it was just structural things. They sent it back and it got fixed and then we came on here and we passed the Coast Guard inspection.” 

A trip on the ferry costs $2 per person . However, senior citizens are only charged $1 and first responders ride free. Passengers say the fees are more than affordable.  

“Considering how much it is to ride on one of the cruises here – just to be able to get a little bit of an experience for $2, I think it’s great! It’s something like we’ve done in New York City with the Long Island Ferry,” RTA rider, Eliesha Ruisi shared. 

Captain Fayard says the ride across the river is less than half a mile. The travel time is between four and six minutes. “They can go outside. This is a very nice boat,” said Fayard. “We keep the windows clean so we have a good view of the city! Everything’s great. It’s got good AC – everything works!”

Fayard also says a second ferry is expected to be fully operational by November.


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