Residents spend afternoon at City Park despite COVID-19


NEW ORLEANS – COVID-19 has forced many people to say home in hopes of decreasing the virus spread. However, many in the area are still going about their daily routines.

City Park is a lot calmer than usual, more than likely because of the coronavirus. As of now, there’s over 50 people who’ve tested positive in Orleans parish.

While many are staying in, some are getting out.

“It hasn’t really affected me” City Park visitor Brian Houck told WGNO. “Everything’s pretty much- life is normal, I’m just washing my hands a lot more and not touching my face near as much!”

Some tourists still traveled here, despite COVID-19.

“We bought our tickets a few months ago and we’ve had this plan. It’s super cold in Minneapolis and we wanted to come experience some warm weather” Traveler, Malika Elhaddia mentioned to us.

A few families enjoyed their quality time and a handful of couples got some exercise in-  their way of honoring social distancing while getting some fresh air. “We’re not hanging out with a group of people and we can wave and smile at people and not run up and hug them.”

Many restaurants and places that hold over 250 people have been momentarily closed and that’s to discourage public gatherings. But, the Cafe Du Monde here in City Park has stayed open.

“It was such a beautiful day and it’s my grandson’s birthday and we decided to out to the park and of course, where else are you gonna go?” New Orleans resident, Brian McCondoit shared.

With schools shut down until at least April 13th, Brian says finding activities to do is important.

“It doesn’t mean you’re not conscious, you’re mindful and it’s a beautiful day and you have to enjoy it!”

As of now, the City Park Cafe Du Monde has no plans postponing services in wake of the coronavirus. 


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