Residents frustrated with Entergy bill increase; CEO speaks out


NEW ORLEANS – Russell Harris is one of many Entergy customers who is frustrated because his electricity bill has noticeably gone up. Harris says his bill increased by $30 in January which only adds to his financial struggle. 

“Trying to keep a roof over my head, take care of family—  you’re used to being a provider and then this pandemic came along and you can barely make it,” Harris explained. 

Entergy says there’s a few reasons why most Orleans and Jefferson Parish residents’ power bills have spiked more than 15% this month.

“Increase in consumption because of the cold weather, increase in the number of billing days— the January bill: there were 35 billing days,” the CEO of Entergy New Orleans, David Ellis said. “That’s almost an additional week factored into that bill then there’s an increase in the cost of gas.”

Harris‘s biggest fear regarding the billing budget?

“Just hoping nobody loses their power or gets their electric and stuff cut off just cause they can’t pay their bill,” Harris told WGNO. 

“We do know that times are hard and we’re sensitive to our customer’s needs and concerns and I promise you that if you place a call to Entergy and you get in touch with us, we will make some arrangements with you to make things as convenient for you as we can,” said Ellis. “We are not disconnecting anyone who gets in touch with us to make payment arrangements. That is a fact!”


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