Report: Antibiotic-resistant superbug kills Nevada woman


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NEVADA (WGNO) – A Reno, Nevada, woman died a few months ago after contracting an infection that was resistant to every antibiotic available in the United States, according to a PBS report.

The infection, referred to in the report as a superbug, was able to spread through her body and resist 26 different antibiotics.

Doctors told PBS it’s not the first case of an antibiotic-resistant infection, but the cases are rare and cause for concern:

“I think this is the harbinger of future badness to come,” said Dr. James Johnson, a professor of infectious diseases medicine at the University of Minnesota and a specialist at the Minnesota VA Medical Center.

Other scientists are saying this case is yet another sign that researchers and governments need to take antibiotic resistance seriously. It was reported Thursday in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, a journal published by the CDC.

Read the full report here.

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