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NEW ORLEANS – At a farm in Folsom, one special woman is rescuing horses, and using them to rescue others.

“When you hear the word horsepower, you think about fast cars, big engines. But the horsepower that I’m familiar with, is right here in this gorgeous 4-legged, magnificent horse that has more power nestled in its heart than you could possibly imagine,” said Bonny Barry of Equine Reflections, Inc.

Barry spends her days on Carousel Farms providing ‘horse therapy’–a unique form of counseling that provides healing to those suffering with anxiety, abuse and depression!  

25 years later and with the help of a full staff, Equine Reflections, Inc offers therapy sessions with horses. Sessions are 100% grounded, meaning, you do not ride the horse. Instead, you walk with the horse or simply talk.

From personal experience, Bonny knows just how much a horse can help you through hard times.

“I was actually sexually abused as a child and I was groomed. Everyone hears about how the victim was groomed. I didn’t say a word to anyone. Instead, horses started helping me. I can honestly say personally, I was healed by a horse,” shared Barry.

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