Red, White and New: The National World War II Museum is unveiling a new building and exhibit.

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NEW ORLEANS, LA – The National World War II museum is unveiling a new exhibit.

Welcome to the Hall of Democracy. The first round of special guests previewed the historic artifacts on display. Soaking in every detail the visitors toured the sprawling library, a new exhibition hall, the media center and the research hub.

The Hall of Democracy is the new center for outreach for the National WWII Museum, giving access to museum programs, products distance learning and digital products.

“We have to have a facility, world class state of the art that allows us to bring our knowledge of the war, our information on the war, our story of the war to the rest of the country and in fact, even to the world,” Dr. Rob Citino, Museum expert.

The first floor of the Hall of Democracy is a interactive, self-guided tour through the special exhibit gallery. The two floors above are dedicated to outreach through new technology.

“You’re here in our media auditorium. Fully equipped facility for giving talks to any audience you can imagine on any topic. This is gold for the museum,” described Dr. Citino.

From giving talks in person to giving webinars in classrooms across the country, the Hall of Democracy is able to reach not just people visiting New Orleans but, anyone across the nation.

“As we go through each generation, each generation becomes more and more disconnected from the war. So, it’s really important more than ever today to really reach out to the younger generation and really educate them on the war,” Eric Camardelle, museum tourists.

The hall of democracy opens to the general public on Thursday, October 17.


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