Ranked: The top 10 concert capitals in America

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Widespread Panic

Every summer, many look forward to barbecues, beachside activities and concerts.

From full-blown music festivals to intimate café gigs, there are boundless opportunities to listen to your favorite artists and take advantage of the busy touring season.

But there are some cities where good music can be found year-round — cities that artists can’t get enough of. These concert meccas boast unparalleled music scenes and are the envy of the quiet suburbs.

Using data from Songkick and Last.fm, PrettyFamous, part of the Graphiq network, found the 50 concert capitals of the U.S.

To do so, they looked at all concerts by the 6,000 most popular artists on Last.fm in the past year (May 1, 2015-April 30 2016) in each city. Then, they took a weighted average of the number of venues per 100,000 people, average number of shows per venue and total number of shows in each city, both from that same time period. They didn’t include areas with a population under 100K people or fewer than five venues. Ties go to the city with a higher total number of concerts.

#10. Seattle, Washington


[findthebest id=”7CqWISntXmt” title=”Concerts in Seattle, Washington” width=”600″ height=”520″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/7CqWISntXmt” link=”http://artists.prettyfamous.com/stories/13999/concert-cities-music-festival-venues-summer” link_text=”Concerts in Seattle, Washington | PrettyFamous”]

Concert Score: 84.13

Number of concerts in the past year: 1108
Concerts per venue: 17
Venues per capita: 10.19
Population: 637,850

#9. Austin, Texas


[findthebest id=”iBM5vSVz68B” title=”Concerts in Austin, Texas” width=”600″ height=”520″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/iBM5vSVz68B” link=”http://artists.prettyfamous.com/stories/13999/concert-cities-music-festival-venues-summer” link_text=”Concerts in Austin, Texas | PrettyFamous”]

Concert Score: 84.4

Number of concerts in the past year: 1072
Concerts per venue: 8
Venues per capita: 14.58
Population: 864,218

#8. Chicago, Illinois


[findthebest id=”27Lnkn6rnYp” title=”Concerts in Chicago, Illinois” width=”600″ height=”520″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/27Lnkn6rnYp” link=”http://artists.prettyfamous.com/stories/13999/concert-cities-music-festival-venues-summer” link_text=”Concerts in Chicago, Illinois | PrettyFamous”]

Concert Score: 84.71

Number of concerts in the past year: 1974
Concerts per venue: 14
Venues per capita: 5.09
Population: 2,712,608

#7. Atlanta, Georgia


[findthebest id=”d76w7nEwwKx” title=”Concerts in Atlanta, Georgia” width=”600″ height=”520″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/d76w7nEwwKx” link=”http://artists.prettyfamous.com/stories/13999/concert-cities-music-festival-venues-summer” link_text=”Concerts in Atlanta, Georgia | PrettyFamous”]

Concert Score: 85.23

Number of concerts in the past year: 1065
Concerts per venue: 20
Venues per capita: 11.80
Population: 440,641

#6. Los Angeles, California


[findthebest id=”amLJq810f3v” title=”Concerts in Los Angeles, California” width=”600″ height=”520″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/amLJq810f3v” link=”http://artists.prettyfamous.com/stories/13999/concert-cities-music-festival-venues-summer” link_text=”Concerts in Los Angeles, California | PrettyFamous”]

Concert Score: 85.27

Number of concerts in the past year: 2242
Concerts per venue: 14
Venues per capita: 3.96
Population: 3,862,210

#5. Salt Lake City, Utah


[findthebest id=”lm6Sd8z5nPD” title=”Concerts in Salt Lake City, Utah” width=”600″ height=”520″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/lm6Sd8z5nPD” link=”http://artists.prettyfamous.com/stories/13999/concert-cities-music-festival-venues-summer” link_text=”Concerts in Salt Lake City, Utah | PrettyFamous”]

Concert Score: 85.63

Number of concerts in the past year: 527
Concerts per venue: 13
Venues per capita: 20.08
Population: 189,267

#4. San Francisco, California


[findthebest id=”4S6a1CJXFFr” title=”Concerts in San Francisco, California” width=”600″ height=”520″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/4S6a1CJXFFr” link=”http://artists.prettyfamous.com/stories/13999/concert-cities-music-festival-venues-summer” link_text=”Concerts in San Francisco, California | PrettyFamous”]

Concert Score: 86.04

Number of concerts in the past year: 1559
Concerts per venue: 19
Venues per capita: 9.65
Population: 829,072

#3. Santa Ana, California


[findthebest id=”fRriODi2Orz” title=”Concerts in Santa Ana, California” width=”600″ height=”520″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/fRriODi2Orz” link=”http://artists.prettyfamous.com/stories/13999/concert-cities-music-festival-venues-summer” link_text=”Concerts in Santa Ana, California | PrettyFamous”]

Concert Score: 89.39

Number of concerts in the past year: 493
Concerts per venue: 82
Venues per capita: 1.81
Population: 331,266

#2. New York City, New York


[findthebest id=”6fgynfyIOvX” title=”Concerts in New York City, New York” width=”600″ height=”520″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/6fgynfyIOvX” link=”http://artists.prettyfamous.com/stories/13999/concert-cities-music-festival-venues-summer” link_text=”Concerts in New York City, New York | PrettyFamous”]

Concert Score: 90.34

Number of concerts in the past year: 3653
Concerts per venue: 13
Venues per capita: 3.12
Population: 8,354,889

#1. Paradise, Nevada


[findthebest id=”heBHag6NXi5″ title=”Concerts in Paradise, Nevada” width=”600″ height=”520″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/heBHag6NXi5″ link=”http://artists.prettyfamous.com/stories/13999/concert-cities-music-festival-venues-summer” link_text=”Concerts in Paradise, Nevada | PrettyFamous”]

Concert Score: 100

Number of concerts in the past year: 2066
Concerts per venue: 29
Venues per capita: 31.81
Population: 223,182

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