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NEW ORLEANS– There’s an initiative to get younger voters to the poll and to get high school students engaged in registering to vote for future elections, when they are old enough.

17-year old Gavin Johnson is already envisioning the day he’ll be old enough to vote.

“Voting to me is important because I think what I vote on today can really affect my tomorrow,” Johnson said.

Although he can’t vote in November, he’s already registered to vote for future elections.

“All my family is registered to vote. I believe it is such an important thing to have your voice heard,” Johnson said.

Gavin’s part of a program called, “Project Vote and Live” which goes to local high schools encouraging voter engagement.

“This is the first election cycle where Generation Y and the millennials will outnumber baby boomers, so it is important to engage younger voters,” Keith Haywood with Project Vote and Live said.

Gavin said that an issue he is concerned with is college education and student loans.

“I feel the issues we care about are big issues and I feel if we want our issues tackled, we have to fight them at the ballot box,” he said.

The folks at Project Vote and Live want to start these kids off young, so when they are old enough, they will vote.

“We have them sign pledge cards to pledge that they will register and vote when they are old enough,” Haywood said.

“We ultimately decide our fate in America by voting,” Johnson said.

There will be a “Biking To Polls” event tomorrow night with Bike Easy for early voting from 5pm to 6pm. The meeting spot is Landry Walker High School.

There will also be a Drive-In Vote Fest (Election Results Watch Party) on Election Day, November 3rd at McDonogh 35 from 7pm to 10pm. You must have voted to enter this event.

For more information on Project Vote and Live, click HERE.