President Trumps arrival brings new security measures and a list of items not allowed in at Superdome.



NEW ORELANS, La. (WGNO)- President Donald Trump is set to arrive in Louisiana tonight for the National Championship game. With his arrival and attendance, security measures have been upped at the Mercedes Benz Superdome.

At every entrance, there are police with K9s guarding the dome. Plus out side of the dome, new metal detectors are in place. Before fans enter, they will walk through the high grade detectors that were flown in since the POTUS will be at the game between the Tigers and the Tigers. Superdome officials want to make sure the fans, players and coaches are as safe as possible.


Secret Service released a  list of prohibited items for the game. Many of these items are on the list for any event at the Dome. It’s obvious things, like guns and ammunition are not allowed. Plus no drones. No aerosol cans, like hair spray. Also on the list is no balloons or selfie sticks.

Here’s the Secret Service list of “prohibited items” in alphabetical order.



Animals other than service/guide animals


Bags and signs exceeding size restrictions




Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems



Glass, thermal or metal containers

Laser pointers

Mace/Pepper spray


Selfie sticks


Signs exceeding the size restrictions (20x3x1/4″)

Support for signs and and placards

Toy guns

Recreational motorized mobility devices, and

Weapons of any kind.




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