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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – A once forgotten attraction may be getting a makeover to welcome the public back, especially in the hot summer months. On Tuesday, the Pontchartrain Beach Foundation held a meeting to go over plans for a newly designed recreational area for the site.

At the meeting, developers submitted the proposal to the Lakefront Management Authority to obtain the lease to the beach. Officials and others express their support for the movement and shared thoughts about how the city of New Orleans could use a safe and functioning beach.

“If you think about the city of New Orleans, they didn’t open half the pools this summer. So people who wanted to get in the water didn’t get an opportunity. This will be an opportunity for people to take the bus to Elysian Fields,” said Guy Williams Pontchartrain Beach Foundation board member.

The designs for the space includes a dog park, kayaking, volleyball court, boating areas with a new pier and a designated area for food trucks.

“So think about the south shore, if you want to get in the lake where do you go? There’s a tiny beach right at the industrial canal how appealing is that? Okay family we’re going to the industrial canal we’re right next to a boat launch. It’s about 20 yards wide. That’s the only beach on the south shore. This is an opportunity to reopen a beach make it available to the public,” said Guy Williams.

Williams said the next meeting that is in about a week, will consist of the board voting on whether or not to approve the lease.