NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On Friday, Senator Bill Cassidy attacked the Democrat’s proposed “Inflation reduction act” in a press conference. The Louisiana lawmaker gave his views on the legislation’s negative implications for the nation’s economic and energy sector.

“One of my constituents said that President Biden should come live where real people live. If the prescription for high fuel prices is that someone drives an electric vehicle, they have no understanding of the lives of those people whom I represent. Folks don’t drive 15-year-old pickup trucks because they don’t want a new car, they don’t drive new cars because they can’t afford a new car, and gas prices have made it worse,” said Cassidy.

In the press conference, Cassidy argued and said that the bill’s energy spending will have a contradictory effect on inflation. He also mentioned a new study from the Wharton School of Business that says the measure will increase inflation for the first few years.

Cassidy said, “This can be the American recession plan 2.0.”

Additionally, Cassidy said the act’s pledge to reduce gas emissions is hollow since more manufacturing in Asia will drive emissions on a global scale.